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About Questech

Questech, Inc. is committed to providing quality hands-on products to Career and Technical educators that challenge students and provide skills to prepare them for the careers of today and tomorrow.

Green Collar Zone prepares students and adults for jobs in the emerging energy sector with workstations that first explain the history and technology of sustainable energy, then provide hands-on activities to prepare them for careers in the growing green economy. Curriculum is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based. Included are wind trainers, solar trainers, weatherization trainers, and solar thermal trainers.

Construction Zone product line prepares students and adults for careers in the construction trades. Hands-on workstations provide a safe work experience, using professional tools of each trade. Math, science, reading, and writing skills are integrated into the curriculum to give students real world examples of their use in daily life and on the job site.

Microbot robots have set the standard in teaching automation, with over 5,000 robots being used worldwide.

Questech products are being used successfully in career and technical centers, high schools, community colleges, universities, adult retraining, prisons, and re-entry programs.

All products are made in the USA, manufactured at our facility in Farmington Hills, Michigan.



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